The acknowledgment of a problem with drugs or alcohol is often the first step on the road to recovery. You may be surprised to find that you cannot simply quit and that you may need more help than you realized. An Atlanta inpatient addiction treatment program can provide tested strategies to help you recover with the assistance of caring, professional staff members.

Substance abuse recovery generally involves either outpatient or inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment programs are generally considered to be part-time programs. Inpatient addiction treatment in Atlanta means entering an around-the-clock residential drug treatment program. For an inpatient alcohol abuse treatment or substance abuse treatment program, clients are required to check themselves into a drug-free environment where they are closely monitored in order to overcome their addictions.

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The first step in inpatient treatment

Drug detox is a very important first step in an intensive inpatient treatment program for substance abuse and alcohol abuse. In some cases, it can be very dangerous or even fatal to quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey. During the detoxification phase of inpatient treatment, you are provided with round-the-clock medical, emotional, and psychological care to help you manage the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal and achieve abstinence. Medications may be administered at this phase of inpatient addiction treatment to help you deal with the side effects. Once the substances have fully left your system, the psychological and social aspects of substance abuse can be addressed.

Choosing the best Atlanta inpatient treatment program

All inpatient treatment facilities provide intensive 24-hour treatment for alcohol and drug addiction recovery. There are different types of inpatient treatment programs available, and it is important for you to pick the best option to meet all your needs for recovery. In order to help you make the right choice for your inpatient treatment program, there are several questions you should ask to better inform your decision.

What is the treatment approach? Programs can vary quite drastically in terms of how they approach treatment for addiction. Some programs may adopt a religious approach to recovery. Other programs are evidence-based, which means that they are centered around the latest scientific research related to addiction and recovery.

What kind of success targets do you aim for? Different programs aim to achieve different results, and they also define success differently. It is very important for you and your family to pick an inpatient treatment program with a vision for sobriety that is aligned with your own.

Another thing to consider is whether to select a short-term or long-term inpatient treatment program. Addiction is a very complex problem, so it is important to pick a program that will give you enough time to achieve successful sobriety and learn the coping skills needed to remain sober over time.

An inpatient treatment program should help you address your physical cravings for drugs and alcohol. While you are in an inpatient program, you will face physical and psychological cravings for drugs and alcohol. There are times when these cravings may be severe. It is important for you to choose a treatment program that will help you address and reduce these cravings so that your desire to use drugs and alcohol does not outweigh your coping skills and support from the program. Nutritional, detoxification, and psychological support techniques can help you effectively alleviate your cravings.

What life skills does the program teach? You may feel great when you leave your inpatient treatment program, but you may face challenges, stressors, and the temptation to use drugs or alcohol when you return to your life when you return to your regular routine out in the world. Comprehensive and effective programs will provide you with skills training to help you break addictive patterns and manage or avoid stressors and triggers.

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The benefits of an Atlanta inpatient treatment program

Effective treatment and healing from substance abuse will often require your full attention. There are physical, emotional, and psychological benefits to participation in an inpatient substance abuse treatment program in Atlanta.

Inpatient substance abuse recovery programs provide you with the time and focus needed to recover from substance abuse. They provide effective drug detox with medical monitoring to ensure safety. It will immediately remove you from the toxic environment that triggers substance abuse. All these factors have been linked to a more successful outcome in patients who undergo treatment.
To ensure your success in a treatment program, it is important to prepare yourself.

Set a date for your entry into your substance abuse recovery program in Atlanta and do your best to settle your affairs before you go. If you are employed, make sure to communicate with your employer about your absence from work. Next, be sure to make living and care arrangements for your children or other family members. Make firm arrangements for your transportation to and from the inpatient drug treatment program. Finally, do not forget to find out what items you’re allowed to bring with you into your residential substance abuse recovery program.

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